Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So, got a nice view of Spring finally showing it's true coming!! So happy, immediately grabbed up the bucket of dryer fluff I've been saving and 'decorated' some of the trees heehee

Yea, the zoom really shows off that window screen hehe but you can tel what it is LOL There was a male with her, checking it out, when I first saw her...Hopefully these babies make it, as the last to make a nest in here (kitchen window) lost her's or something...I saw the eggs tossed right below it, which birds don't do...so not sure...

Anywhoo, today was a productive day - and no fights with the hammer this time LOL - didn't get my Never-Ending Dance art done...4hrs between the grass and trees (coloring) and getting started on last week's Pagan Art prompt (halfway painted though) so taking a break til tomorrow. Hoping to get a third drawing (a Triple Goddess one) started and have three to list on etsy by the end of the week hopefully.

Almost forgot about it being Post It Note Tuesday, so here's a little quick one for today:


  1. I love the green trees. What a great template! Thanks for your kind words on my Fairy Blog. I truly love the fae and yearn for the time when I can finally move back to the country. There is just so much more magic there.

  2. How fortunate are you both to be neighbors!

    And I don't think you sticki is lame, for it is a great advise and an awesome truth!

  3. Not lame at all. I love your post-it-note!

  4. Love your site and the atmosphere it creates. All of us have some sort of 'witchy ways' that cannot be explained by the normal, accepted ways that most people follow, but everyone despises.