Saturday, April 2, 2011

Internet Withdrawal *twitchtwitch*

Well, three days without the Internet, nooottt fun when made me miss the end of the blog party :( So glad I messed up my days and sent off my guest post a day early!
Quickie update in case anyone was wondering where the hell I went off to.

Also a HUGE screaming thank you to Spirit-Phoenix!! Seriously, ask the hubby, I squealed in the car once I saw what was in the bottom of that box!! I wondered how candy could be so heavy! I have now set aside Moon Magick to begin reading Solitary Witch by Silver RavenWolf!!! I cannot thank you enough!! I'd have taken a pic of the goodies, but well the hubs and I were starving after a long grocery run when we picked it up so the yummy Starburst jelly beans and peeps were tore into *giggle* The cute fairy bunny (Dove milk chocolate) is still intact though. The little poem on the back is adorable too!! I'll have to post it up later hehe and the card is so pretty - it's now tacked up on my little bed side cork board :)

So, I will be ever so slowly getting back into the swing of things. Got a lot to catch up annoying LOL Did another round of resume hand outs downtown Sarina Friday too. Couple really nice small places and found this cool new used store that has TONS of the old game systems and games and can even order certain parts in - which is awesome since our PS2 and N64 power cables are somewhere between here and my parent's house -_- I'm hoping I hear back from someone soon, but am almost hoping to get a job in Forest instead now...We did a cruise today after getting coffee and there's a lot of very nice houses with decent sized back yards up for sale and a couple of nice sized lots to build on, and I'd rather have the option to walk to work and then my kids having friends and their school all right in one area...It's a long ways off, but was a nice afternoon. Also got "permission" from the father-in-law to dig out all the weeds and crap from where he had tried to do a vegetable garden behind the garage (doesn't get enough sun) and do up a flower garden however I want. It's gunna take a lot of work, lots of overgrown vines and shit, but it'll be sooo worth it! I'm just hoping the weather over the next week agrees with me getting a good start on it asap while the grounds still all wet, etc.

Alrighty, I'm off. Will fly over blogland as soon as things are caught back up!


  1. Get caught up and come back with some plans/pics of that flower garden!

  2. I'm so happy that you are enjoying the book. It's sat on my bookshelf for years collecting dust. It deserves a nice home!

    Enjoy the sugar!!!


  3. I hope your weather warms up & you're able to start gardening! I can't wait to get my garden plot & start gardening, myself. ^-^