Sunday, March 6, 2011

Movie Night and Exams

So, random post for today as I didn't read any of my book last night. Instead, hubby and I watched Wicked Little Things and Legend. I am in love with both movies, but am wondering which version is better to be watching for Legend....I downloaded what I was told was the director's cut, original. I read through a bit and found out there's like 4 versions over the years or something...and the one I downloaded was the original (and I definitely saw a bunch of bitching comments about it not having the "Tangerine Dream" soundtrack...which I don't care, I'd rather watch the director's first vision myself) but I noticed at the end it was missing a tiny scene...The clip Danni posted showed the Elves/Faeries re-attaching the Unicorn's horn and him coming back from his slumber between Jack kissing Lily and waking her up....mine; however, did not show the Unicorn waking up and only showed Jack and Lily talking and kissing and then her running off home, him running off into the sunset and the Elves, Faeries, and Unicorns coming out of the woods to say good bye type a deal....It was still an amazing movie, for it's time of course (made the same yr I was born LOL) but missing that scene it made me wonder a bit I guess....
Oh, and for anyone wondering what Wicked Little Things is, it's a newer B movie type a deal about zombie kids. I enjoyed it lol

Anywhoo, enough rambling about movies. Did my first two exams at Witch School yesterday. Only got one wrong on the Coreelian Wicca - First Degree one. Failed the Introduction to Grimoires miserably - not worried though...It was more history than anything and was insanely long and dry for the first lesson in my opinion...Just finished and passed my first exam for Living the Wiccan Life. It seems to be a bit different as the option to take the second test is available already and I haven't even read the lesson yet LOL Oh well, I do enjoy this school and am hoping I can find the extra money soon to get a lifetime membership for all the courses they offer.

Alright....I now have a bit of a headache...Gunna find some lunch and see what the second lesson is all about.

Just wanted to post I decided to take the exam as available and got 92% :D


  1. Congrats on your92%! Well done.

  2. Hey hun!

    I just wanted to pop by and let you know the 52 weeks of Pagan Art Journaling isn't terribly too far along, we've only had 5 themes so far and I'm sure you can jump in whenever you want to; I didn't start until the second or third week myself. :)

    You can find the info and themes at Aradia's blog by scrolling back through the 52 weeks posts: