Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Luck Please!

Store in town just called and wants me to come in to 'chat' about my resume and hopefully getting a job there!!! Please send me as much luck as possible, I need this job!

Thank you!

Cannot wait til I can drive myself! Waiting another half hour cuz his dad's waiting to see if his stupid car is finished (he has a tuck...like f off) before taking me in. Gunna need all the best wishes in the world considering how bad this looks on me..... >.<

So, got to the interview. Lovely woman. Chatted and it went really well. She's got two other resumes, but is only really considering one other for nights, so here's hoping! *fingers crossed*


  1. Lots of luck, uber self confidence & hugs & hopes of success! =D

    And thank you for your well wishes! I'm sure I'll get over this cold soon. ^-^


  2. Blessings & luck! Hope you get all that you wish!

  3. Wishing you all the luck I can muster, sweetie!