Monday, March 14, 2011

A Name That Fits

So, after long debate and though and reading the Wiccan Names section of my book I have finally settled on my Magickal Name that truly fits. I have thought of changing it for years, but SilverFox was a thought out name that I love and doesn't want to go any where, so I have added to it. Lilac SilverFox.

If you're curious as to why, Lilacs are a favourite flower of mine - but not simply for the looks or smell. We have a massive lilac tree in our front yard, soon to be two as my mom replanted some on the other side as well a few years ago. They remind me of home, family, memories of growing up, and of one of my best friends growing up (still best friends btw) as the lilacs bloom only a few days before he birthday every year. I want lilacs to be the prominent flower at my wedding, as well. They mean the world to me in their own tiny way....and thus needed to be recognized by me.

For anyone going ummm thought you were doing the 52 Weeks of Pagan Art Journaling? I am and am just in the midst of week three's piece. I'm not posting my catch ups until I'm caught up LOL Should be this week or next if I can get paint to dry quicker LOL Well, speaking of, back to it.
I'm also excited to say I shall be guest posting twice on Willow's Welcoming the God blog party! Need to get a second drawing finished and both pieces will be complete :D


  1. Really!?! Lilac! I wouldn't have guessed. The colors of your blog didn't give a clue *grin* Congrats on finding a name that fits. I have to thank my grandma and parents because I love the name they chose for me. You can't get more magical than Daisy Warrior (that is what my full name means in Spanish).

    I started working on my journaling entries today. I should have an intro post by the end of the week, and the first three prompt the week after that. I'm having fun!

  2. I was being a dork about the Lilac. at first I thought your favorite flower was lavender, then I paid attention to the shades. I'm the same way when it comes to my favorite flower, if you come to my house you'll be overwhelmed by daisies Hehehehehe ;-)

  3. Lilacs are one of my faves too. They always remind me of childhood. We had a huge lilac hedge in our backyard. So beautiful and fragrant!

  4. Wonderful name! Congratulations.