Monday, March 21, 2011

52 Weeks of Pagan Art Journaling

So, I am officially caught up on this fun project! Now to share the pieces I've done so far to date!

Week 1 - Intent
Basically - spiritual growth, happiness, relaxation, etc. Which it definitely has been so far.

Week 2 - Heart/Love
Couldn't think of anything visual for this really so just used my favourite metallic pink and wrote out the most important things in my heart.

Week 3 - I Believe
Faeries, of course. I also believe in the beauty in all of Nature - even things considered pesky weeds by others (yes, horrible painting of a dandelion there LOL)

Week 4 - Nature
For some reason the very common seasons trees was stuck in my head for this one, and this my crappy trees were created for it LOL

Week 5 - Letter to myself in 5yrs in relation to my Path
"I hope by now to have grown much closer and in harmony with the God and  Goddess. I'd also hope to have built upon my relationship with the Faeries. Five years is a long time, so I imagine a lot has changed, but I know my main path will remain the same."

Week 6 - The Goddess
My original thought on this prompt was more of a globe bellied woman, but as I started painting, this is what emerged instead. More of a Gaia figure, I suppose.

Week 7 - Water
My little water spirit kind of got squished while creating, but I still enjoyed it. Yes, that is the Cancer symbol as well, as I am a Water sign, Cancer, and even though I'm on the cusp of Gemini, I am a very true Cancer.

So, these are my paintings, and cannot wait for the next prompt. If you are ever interested in my art, outside of these as painting is not my strong point, please check out my deviantART page Lilac SilverFox


  1. This is amazing!
    I keep seeing people participating in this. I am considering doing this myself. Beautiful art!
    Blessed be.
    make sure to stop by my blog to enter the giveaway!

  2. Your art journal is fabulous! I love the thought and care you put into it. Your intention is so powerful!

  3. I have such awe when I see people making a commitment to be creative. I have a hard time with being consistent, so any project like this scares me - lol!

    A wonderful journey you are on - and a lovely piece of art you'll have at the end!

  4. I love the pages, it's great to see all the prompts back to back!It helps make the project seem more like a progression. Can't wait to see more.