Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some Candles Finally

Well, took the hubby "out to dinner" tonight...Sort of a dinner for our 2yr this Tuesday. Just A&W (I love their veggie burgers!) but we haven't been able to eat out or order in anything in a while and use to go to A&W weekly before, so it was a nice treat followed by a quick stop at Dollarama (rather Dollar Giant but they closed super early!) for some conditioner and candles. Sadly the Dollarama here has crap for color selections, but I grabbed four 4 packs of small votive candles for $1 per pack. Got blue, white, red, and green. They also had yellow and pink...I thought I only had $10 on me, but could've gotten them all cuz I had $15 but oh well LOL

Don't have much to do with them yet as all they sold, besides tealights, are waiting to really use them sadly...I will; however, light another tealight for Japan again tonight and send my love and as much healing as possible their way....

Can't wait to get to my mom's and get all my tools and stuff and then to have money to buy the rest I need sometimes lol Oh well, do with what you have. I've found a few very simple spells I can do with just candles, and some with just some paper and something to burn it at the very least I have some of those and can do a little ritual for Ostara when it hits.

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