Monday, September 12, 2011

Been Too Long!

So, been almost a friggen month since I last updated this thing. Go figure dear Magaly would pull my attention back into focus here.
Work has been going good. We finished our in class training last Friday and today was our first day on the phones (call center). It went pretty well over-all. I'm not as nervous since I know I won't know anything and will stumble through a lot and forget a lot. I guess it's beneficial that I worked at a call center before so everything that made me nervous my first day at the last one doesn't make me nervous at this one. It's mainly just all the different things we do, and then all the things we are trained to do but can't yet or can't until certain circumstances...I'm working 9AM-5:30PM Monday to Friday for the next 3 weeks. It's technically still part of training, but on the phones now. My real shift will begin after that and will be a 1-2PM start with Tuesday&Wednesday off. I much prefer afternoons and having days off during the week will be nice since everything is open, etc.
The new living situation is awesome. The couple that own the house are just so insanely nice and great to have as roommates. They leave tomorrow morning for a little less than two weeks (coming back the 25th I believe) for their wedding and honeymoon and stuff. It'll be odd being home alone solid for that long other than the two tiny dogs and cat they have. I still have my three male ratties and now have a gecko and bearded dragon! The beardie was originally my roommate's. She had bought a breeding pair at hatchling age but now that they're becoming of age more they're beginning to fight, etc. more often if in the same tank so she separated them, but then felt bad not having enough time for two so we talked and the big male is now mine. We'll try breeding them at least once I think. The gecko was from a kijiji ad I had found before moving. He's a cranky older guy who was never really handled so I have to be very cautious with him right now.

Other than all that, life has just been busy, because of all that and then bus-ing around town on weekends to get shopping done, etc. eats up a lot of my free time. With this shift I can at least catch up on a lot of things I've been neglecting and won't have a ton of extra time for when I switch to my regular shift. A lot of it is over due art and cleaning, and of course a lot of Wiccan things I've had to let slide for too long. I did happily find another occult shop downtown though. I am upset I missed the Pagan Pride thing they apparently do every year in the park by a week though lol
Hubby and I are saving and going to find a nice house or duplex style house to rent. We have talked extensively and have pretty well come to the decision that we don't want to permanently live in Sarnia. The plan, as of right now, is to rent a nice place in/close to Sarnia and work and save while he finishes his Red Seal and then buy/build a house on the edge/close to Peterborough in the end. Not only is it a nice city but it's pretty much the middle point for visiting both side of the family (roughly 3hrs from my parent's and around 3.5-4hrs from his family), so is beneficial in that way as well. Jobs aren't super abundant, but they aren't really anywhere anymore. He has quite a few friends living there though and I do currently have one and one girl from our training class I've become close with moved here from there and still visits their family there all the time and wants to move back if they can. It's a pretty win-win situation if we can manage it.

Anywhoo, enough ramblings for now. I've got to get to bed soon for work in the morning...7:30AM is just waaaayy too bloody early for me. So, I promise to make my way around to visit everyone soon and hope you all have been doing wonderfully!