Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Breath of Spring

Well, first off Happy St. Patty's day to those who celebrate in any sort of way.

Secondly, while I still see the recesses of snow and there's still a tiny nip in the air, Spring is very obviously fighting her way through today. I stepped outside while doing some housework and simply looked around and took a deep breath. I can smell it on the horizon. The birds are out and fluttering around, and I even saw my first robin (for those that have been seeing them for weeks shush...we're slow ditching the snow and I honestly haven't been outside much whatsoever) and am excited. I stopped, glanced around, closed my eyes and just took a few deep breaths. It felt wonderful. So cleansing and empowering. It felt like the perfect day to do some small spellwork - although I was somewhat planning on it anyway due to the double luck of the day for this specific spell (Thursday being ruled by Jupiter according to my book) and while it was a short and sweet spell, it felt good. I'm not much one for day time spell work, but the Faeries are blessing me with their presence I see and we all need to try something new now and again, don't we?
I shall post the spell below for any wishing to understand it. Before, I'd like to cover something quite creepy and almost scary last night. I had been doing a lot of cleaning and painting and so started a wax burner (Sage and Citrus, burning it again today too) and the candle was burning itself out come late afternoon...Well, I didn't really notice at first, but the flame began growing again once all the wax had burned off (just a tealight mind you) and in an hour or so it began to jump around like mad! It basically caught itself on fire...No wax no nothing, and the flame was just rolling about in the metal tin left from the tealight....It was creepy....I got up to blow it out and of course with no wax it tipped up and slid up against the back of the burner (lovingly catching the ribbons on the outside, but they like melted so no outward fire) and so I jumped over, grabbed a water bottle and filled up this little spray thing we have and shot in some was not happy with that....It literally ballooned the flame out back at me like I had shot in gasoline and not water then promptly dissipated....Even the hubby said it was pretty 'fucked up' how it happened...Either the Faeries are angered with me, or something was last night....

Anywhoo, not that I'm one to spell and tell, I did enjoy this spell. I altered it as I don't have any rosemary oil or loose sage herbs. Burning the sage wax and simply sprinkled the herbs on the play bill I made to wrap it up in....oh, and using pink string as I have no gold. I was thinking of using vegetable oil, but I have a very small candle holder and worry about the herbs catching as I have made a "stuffed candle" before and man they catch good! LOL

A spell to banish money woes. 

What you'll need: 
A bill of play money, let the value depend on what you're asking for. 
A green candle 
Rosemary essential oil 
Dried basil 
Dried sage 
Piece of silver 
Piece gold of yarn or string 

Once you have gathered all of your ingredients, sit quietly for a moment in front of your altar and take a few cleansing breathes to ground yourself.

When you are ready think about the changes you want to achieve in your finances. Continue to think about money coming toward you as you mix your basil and sage together.

Next, anoint your candle with the rosemary oil. When the candle is covered in the oil, roll it through the herbs, remembering to continue to see money coming your way. 

Place the piece of silver in the bottom of the candle holder and then place the candle on top of that. Lay the whole thing over the bill of play money.

Light the candle and hold your hands on either side of the flame and infuse it with your will then say... 

"Money, money come to me, 
As I will so mote it be. 
I only wish to fulfill my need. 
I do this out of love, not greed." 

Allow the candle to burn out and cool. Take the piece of silver (which will have melted wax on it) and wrap it in the play money. Tie the bundle tightly with the gold string and leave on your altar while you wait for your spell to come to fruition. 

I'm not sure where this spell is taken from. A new friend from the newer group I'm on posted it up for me.

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  1. Oh that was a very scary thing to happen and I am so glad you got it under control with no real damage.

    Thank you for the wonderful spell. I can always use one of these.