Friday, March 18, 2011

New Book!!

So, finished re-reading the Complete Idiots Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft about a week ago now. Got some things I still need to copy out from it, but have been busy catching up with the 52 Weeks of Pagan Journaling projects and stuff for the Welcoming the God blog party that I didn't pick up the next book to read until last night.
I was originally going to re-read Cunningham's Solitary books next, but when I opened my little cupboard of books I decided I wanted to read some thing new to me. (besides my two Solitary Cunningham books are needing replacing after lending them to someone with spiteful cats >.< ) so I dug out the two Silver Ravenwolf books a friend had given me last year (along with quite a few others as she had bought a bunch then decided Wicca wasn't for her) I have never read Silver's work and was always told she was "fluffy" and wrote a lot of 'teen love spells' and crap so never really took her seriously (although still have always wanted her gigantic Solitary book!) but last night I was like, well I should read these anyway and make my own opinion of her as it is. I mean, why spend like $40+ on a book by her if it turns out I don't like her writing?
This being said I looked over the two books I have and decided on To Ride a Silver Broom Stick, as it seem more introductory, etc. and while I've only read the first chapter, I'm enjoying it. She's got a few little "writing assignments" that I may do when I get the chance, but so far she seems to be a decent author over-all.

Can't say much about the book itself yet as I was too tired to read past the first chapter last night. Hopefully I'll read a few more tonight! On a side note, I drove for - legally - the first time today. Not very far and definitely not very fast, but yea LOL Also got this 5 disk Tae Bo workout thing with this weighted "amplifier" bar (Billy Blank's Tae Bo Amped series) for $20 and a $2 little book light so I won't keep the hubby up all night while I'm reading... LOL I'm also caught up with the 52 Weeks and will post those up soon. Stuck on exactly what to do for this week's prompt though lol

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, Full Moon, and Ostara coming Monday :)

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