Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Fever I sit here sniffing and snotting while the ratties try to run across my key board, I am so proud of myself. haha I went ahead and completely scrubbed down and rearranged the bedroom....and cleaned out the closet, froggie tank, and now the rattie cages, oh and laundry...Finally testing the new washer and dryers capacity limits by doing out blankets too hehe

Oh yes, Spring Cleaning time has hit me apparently...and of course with it the dust and animal dander that's been sitting dormant under the bed and in the corners have now fully activated my allergies woohooooo.... -_- Hopefully, after the ratties cuz they creep them too, they'll calm down before I have to be making supper tonight...

I have ever so slowly started my 52 Weeks paintings. I found an old coil phone book and have used some white acrylic paint to blank out the wording on the front and first two pages. Think I'll collage the covers like I do my sketch books once I get some packing tape, hopefully this weekend if my taxes are nice to me this year lol I am going to a simple cover painting of a pentacle (with colored points though) and maybe some ivy around it or something to symbolize Spring a bit for when I started it....Once it's dry I already have my idea for what I'll do from the week one prompt so I'm excited to start. Gunna look for a nice off white paint this weekend to...the white I have just makes it look so stark and sterilized LOL I don't like it haha

Anywhoo, my back is screaming at me Goddess I feel old >.>; so think I'll go enjoy other's blogs for a while before the hubby gets home.

So, room is completely rearranged and cleaned and somewhat organized. Hubby loves it, and I finished my little cover painting and the first prompt. It's drying right now so will have a pic tomorrow. Gunna try and finish week two's tomorrow <3

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  1. You've been busy! I'll start working on my journaling next week. I'm getting this wonderful book, but have to wait. Then I'll have to play catch up. And trust me; it'll be a fun new thing, because dear, this Witch can't paint lol