Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Daunting Task


So, for the blog party I was hoping to finally "find" my Patron - and then of course my Matron as well - and while there is a nice list in my Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft, it is obviously no where near the entire list. I am iffy about most online sites specific to Wicca so hit wikipedia to search out different pantheons and see who decided to speak to me.

Pan has always been a favourite of mine, but I don't think he's quite the leader of this group to me, he's be a friend more over. Janus was another who does speak to me, but only to this point in my life specifically - not an overall Patron figure. Inari is one whom I do deeply enjoy and feel a great connection with, but I am wondering if it is simply the connection of Foxes/Kitsunes being his guides...He/She is also a little hard to draw out as I want to since he/she can be both or none and doesn't seem to have a list of random pictures like most popular Gods. I am now browsing Egyptian pantheon and hoping something pops out at me soon because it is making me feel discouraged. I know they are to choose us, but without looking into the all, how am I to know them....It is just frustrating me.

Willow has given me a lovely meditation to try out, possibly tonight when people are asleep, or tomorrow since the hubby's going to be home soon. Hopefully it will help in my quests.

I know not many stop by here yet, but a question if anyone sees it:

How did your Matron/Patron find you?


  1. I will use the terms "Matron and Patron" very loosely, for I don't exactly worship any god exclusively. However, Hekate and Sin/Nanna have always been around. I have been dreaming about Hekate since I can remember, but in the beginning I didn't know what she looked like. Then one day, I was a reading a young adult novel (I know how this sounds) THE ALCHEMYST by Michael Scott; he description of the Dark Goddess gave my Hekate a face, onyx skin and a super cool dress. Sin and I still trying to figure each other out. In truth, the majority of the time when I think about the male aspect of Nature I see The Wild God, The Green Man (an faceless entity that symbolizes everything masculine, sexual, wild and opposite).

    As you can see, my experience hasn't been very clear, but what kind of Witch would I be without the mystery? ;-)

    Have fun discovering your Gods. I'm sure they have been looking at you for some time and are just waiting for you to see them.

  2. Good luck hun! I too am still searching! :D