Monday, February 28, 2011

15 Days of Welcoming the God

I would first like to shout out and invite you all to check out Confessions of a Country Witch She is hosting a blog party on Welcoming the God back into our lives. I will be a guest blogger and am too excited. Rummaging through my books and writings, and whipping up a couple drawings, to find something perfect! There are two button links on my left sidebar to the specific posts, as well! There will be giveaways and such as well, so please head on over, see if there's any slots left open, or donate if you can!

Anywhoo, I spent the bulk of last night/this morning (til bout 2:30AM) reading all of the February Faerie posts on The Whimsical Cottage and oh how I wish I had been on blogger earlier to participate - but reading all those posts was so much fun and definitely inspired a couple of faerie dreams last night hehe

I was thinking last night, I am so happy I decided to do this on here. The community is much larger than I had first imagined! I still have a personal xanga blog, but barely use it now and just love reading all the updates and hope to find more and more blogs out there, and of course to hopefully post a few good ones myself and eventually gain in followers and all that fun stuff LOL

Today, I'm going to skim through a couple of my books and try and do my drawings for the blog party, just to get a head start since this weekend is busy (three exams from Witch School and an online New Moon Ritual at The Stone Circle ) and the car is suppose to be done tomorrow....It friggen wants to be...2 weeks just to do a safety and e-test...Stupidity if you ask me since I know we're not saving that much money....but Chad called the insurance place this morning and hopefully everything will be good to go by mid-tomorrow. Just hope he remembers we need groceries tonight -_- He did do a random scrub down of the kitchen last night though...but still, we need food LOL

Well, I'm off for now!

Blessed Be

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