Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Art, Garden, and Stuffs

So, have still been working on the Pagan Art Journaling project, just somehow completely forgot that I had forgotten to post last weeks, and just got finished the last one in time for this weeks prompt again hehe Going to try and be more on top of it - for myself - but this week's prompt is another thinker for sure LOL

Not that I haven't really known this all along, but lately it's been a struggle to keep it in mind as stress and depression has been creeping up on me a lot lately...I had a lot of fun designing her little shield though :D

I wish I'd been more free with the Water prompt when making the little spirit...This was completely random, let the brush do the walking kind of idea. I am falling much more in love with green lately, and am looking into the Green Man and other aspects of deity more so now...As much as I enjoy the thought of having a patron/matron choose me, I think Mother Nature and Green Man are my callings in some sense...If that makes sense... o.0

So, along with a lot of other projects on the go, which will be posted later, I finished the Never Ending Dance drawing. It will be listed on my etsy shop by the end of this week.
It was so thrilling to draw this that I'm considering trying to do a mini version in an ACEO format of some sort...We shall see, and I'd personally like it to be a gift for a certain inspiring special someone if I do make it, sort of belated birthday gift too *wink* I tested out my water color pencils in this one, and found my little 'deleter' marker blends them pretty nicely so I am hoping to use them more in future pieces, as well as actually get some water color paper soon.

Also have a couple of pics of the wonderful, and yummy, gift I won from Spirit-Phoenix (minus the book as it's being read and I think we all know what Solitary Witch looks like hehe)

All that remains are the peeps (so sweet, I can only have one now and then hehe) and the wrapper from the chocolate bunny. Yup, I save it and folded it up so while it's not 3D anymore, it still looks like the faerie bunny and is tacked up on my bedside cork board hehe, oh and the box cuz I want to copy out the cute poem on the back!

So, while it's another gloomy; rainy; chilly day outside, so no working on the garden yet I did get my seeds that I have so far germinating inside yesterday and so took my camera out when getting the potting soil and took a couple "before" pics of where I'm doing the garden.

^ plan to use the rest of the pretty stone fencing and put on each of those candle holders in the corners ^

It's going to be a lot of work - plus getting the rest of the stone fencing and the tulips dug up from the front yard to bring back to here - but it will be sooo be worth it! I am considering getting some sort of pretty plastic lattice to put almost against the garage and see about training ivy to grow up it. We shall see what gets accomplished this year though, as I highly doubt - or at least hope - we won't be here still by next Spring to keep it up, etc. course then I'll have new gardens to build hopefully LOL


  1. Glad you're enjoying all the candy. Yeah, I can't do peeps very often myself. Can't wait to read that poem on the back. I didn't know they had them on there, or I would have read it before I sent it. ;)

  2. Just a thought, when you mentioned how deity is supposed to call to you - I completely agree, but there's nothing saying an earth-centered path cannot also include the deity(s) that you follow. Mother Earth and the Green Man are not, in my opinion, mutually exclusive with the other Gods. After all, They walked this earth too, didn't they? :)

  3. I'm absolutely jealous of your garden space. I LOVE the dress of the dancer; I want those sleeves! Can't wait to see what you do with the garden ;-)

  4. I checked out the link and wow! They are sweet! The red dress reminded me of the dress Erin O'Riordan describes for the wedding dress of one of her characters on Beltane.

    p.s. Glad you are back, girly! I've missed you ;-)

  5. What a wonderful garden space! =D I'm excited to see it when you've done what you want to do with it. ^-^

    My trip to the library was successful & I got my homework finished. Yay! Hope you're having nice weather, mine is chilly & probably going to rain on me... But it IS Spring... and that's what Spring does in WA... It rains all over the place... ^-^

    And btw... That fairy bunny is just the best! I'm going to have to go see if I can find any... =D

    Have an awesome weekend!

  6. Great pages! again I love the elemental "spirits" you create! Good luck with the gardening!