Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quick Post - I'm Here!

Well, drive was good, hardly any traffic, and stopped at Harvey's and finally tried one of their veg burgers lol Chilled last night other than grabbing a tooonnnn of groceries. Karoline and Joe are attempting to cut down on eating meat. They've talked about going veg, and with me here it's easier for them since veggies and veg stuff needs to be in the house anyway. Other than that I chatted with the hubby on the phone for a bit, he got his return and is getting $1000 so will be able to come up for a visit in a couple weeks - thank Goddess! I miss him already, had to stick a DVD on low volume to sleep last

Today we're going to my parents for a bit and then possibly Karoline's mom's and then I think her dad's for dinner. Hoping we're back in time for the online Full Moon ritual on Stone Circle. Oh, speaking of witchy stuffs though, there is an awesome occult/smoke shop on the reserve not far from here. They have these amazing handmade journals (leather bound, handmade paper), gem stones, different types of incense, wands, pendulums, tons of Faerie figurines, and some beautiful Green Man figurines and things, and tons of other stuff for such a small store. I cannot wait to have the money to buy a few things.

Will take some pics and fun stuff when I get the room I'm in rearranged some.

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