Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Magaly has done it again!!

Oh wow...I should have waited to post about a giveaway cuz my Goddess!! You will be amazed at the giveaways going on over at Pagan Culture! We are helping to celebrate some fun with Magaly and there has been lots of sponsors and lots of ideas and everything is in motion now! There are 13 giveaways in total, here are some of the ones I have so happily entered!

$20.13 gift card for your favourite etsy shop! So hoping on this one and know exactly what will be bought with it haha

Pocket Travel Altar by Whimsical Pixie

$20.13 Gift Certificate and surprise! This last one is mainly for us Wicked Darlings and for however many Witchy Fiction posts we write for the party! Can't wait to get started! Go check out all the Witchy madness!!

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