Thursday, April 28, 2011


So, it's been busy....Need to catch up on the Pagan Art Journaling pretty badly now...but I met some new peoples last night. Pagans and the wife is an awesome and decent priced amateur tattoo artist. She also works with Faeries and adores them possibly more than I do LOL Their son is adorable too.
We randomly went for a visit since I guess they haven't seen each other in a few months because of the court BS my friends are going though (looooong ass story) but we're heading back out there Saturday! They're having a Fantasia party in the afternoon and then a 'fire show' like this:

It's like two balls on some sort of rope swung around...forget what it's called.

Anywhoo, it'll be the first of the season type a deal if the weather cooperates anyway. Should be interesting and a good way to, sort of, celebrate Beltane in a way since I have no clue if we're doing anything for it as of yet...So much to be done around here. We're suppose to be completely cleaning and reorganizing the house today, but Karoline's still asleep and her hubby should be done work within an hour or so, then we're going to go pick up my assistance check, cash it, do some shopping, etc. (I'm hoping to get a couple things from this awesome occult shop on the rez) and yea...Then her hubby and his little sister will be home and she won't want to clean, etc. (they do get in the way badly and just make a mess behind you type a deal...) So we'll see.

OH, we has ratties again :D I have a couple decent pics of them, although the tan girl is most likely going to a rescue close by as the other one, Karoline's favourite, is most likely a boy. We have them separated and just waiting for the woman who runs the rescue to study the pics we were able to get to confirm sexes.

This is our girl...We're pretty 100% positive she's female. She is a cream color but has some dark brushing through her, almost making her look dirty. Was thinking Dusty for a name, but might not pick one since she will be leaving soon if we're right.

This is Gem. We're basically 99% positive he's a male...dumbo though with a pretty blaze on his head. He's quite friendly and easily held. Hopefully we find another baby boy who is also very friendly to move in with him.

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  1. So good to hear from you. Let us know how the fire show goes. It sounds wonderful.