Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Witchy Fiction Fun Day One!

Wow, so many things on the go lately I totally forgot to whip up some stuff for this partay!! Guess it'll be on the fly, although that's not always a bad thing!! for anyone not in the loop, head on over to Pagan Culture for all the details and for some awesome giveaways!

"You don't understand..." Lily moaned and turned from the Fae woman. She slumped against a large tree trunk and curled her knees into her chest.
  "Don't I?" Armadelle smiled as she fluttered to perch on Lily's knee. "You're young, but you're smart. You can figure it out." Lily stared at the four inch tall Faerie and scrunched up her brow. Her sister was lost somewhere within Allumineria, she knew this; however, she knew nothing of this magickal place. Hell, twenty minutes ago she would have never believed such a place existed!
  "How am I ever going to find her? I don't even know where to begin to look?" Armadelle took flight, hovering at eye level for Lily. She lowered her sparkling green hood and placed her hands on her hips.
  "You don't know, do you?" Lily pulled her head back, trying to keep the tiny woman in focus. 
  "Know what?" Armadelle's eyes bulged out in shock, almost causing Lily to laugh as the site reminded her of a bug. She flitted up and down, and in circles of excitement, making Lily dizzy. "Know what?" She repeated, causing the Faerie to halt in mid air.
  "You're a witch, Lily! You can do anything!" Armadelle giggled at the confusion on Lily's face.
  "A witch? What are you talking about?" Lily stood as Armadelle flew in excited circles around the surrounding trees. Several other Faeries came zooming about to join in her glee.
  "You were born a witch and will always be a witch. Hasn't your grandmother told you?" 
  "My grandmother?" Lily looked around, almost beginning to wonder if she were in a dream of some sort.

Okay, short but I'm working on this novel right now...Sort of a spoiler for any who might read it through my Fiction Writing blog With Pen and Paper.

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