Thursday, April 14, 2011

Proper Moving Update While Packing

Okay, so to go into details...

A couple months ago the hubby and I had huge - sometimes drunken - talks about me moving in with one of my best friends closer to my parent's and getting a job while down there and stuff for a couple months. Originally it was going to have to be me taking a train or bus to get there though and we couldn't get the money together that we needed at the time for it, so it got pushed aside.
Anywho, last night my friend was telling me about her and her hubby going to come up to the Toronto Zoo this weekend and said I should try and meet them there and shit (it's just a little over 3hrs from us), but as usual we don't have the money for it - especially now that we drive a gas eater of a car. Well, she talked to her hubby and asked me if they could make it up here to get me, would I still be up for the moving in for a couple months, etc. Well, of course! Talked to the hubby and while we're gunna miss each other like crazy and it'll be weird sleeping alone for a while we will try and figure out visits and we can save a butt load of money, hopefully, as long as I can get a decent job down there, etc. I put out a couple of resumes through kijiji ads for some cleaning and dishwashing stuff and my friend is gunna talk to the owner of this bar she goes to a lot and has become friends with her, etc. Will need my smart serve, but we're gunna look into a "start up" check from welfare or something as soon as I'm down and such. either way, jobs are easier to come by down there than up here right now and anything retail will add to my resume for experience and help me in getting a job when I move back, etc.

I hate I won't be able to finish the garden before going though...but will have to put my germinating seeds out and hope for the best and do a little clean up at least and see if the hubby will put in the stone fencing while I'm gone for me, etc. gunna keep my other seed packets just in case (when I get back, next year, our place, etc.). I'm gunna miss my kitties like crazy too and it sucks that the hubby doesn't have a digital cam to take pics for me while I'm gone, but maybe he can grab a cheap one if this jobs lasts a couple more weeks for him. Will need to hope my friends have the right battery charger or I can buy one soon since I have to leave our charger here cuz of his wireless mouse and keyboard LOL
Good notes, other than seeing friends/family and hopefully making money, my friend is Wiccan so we will be doing lots of rituals and fun stuff together, she's also tired of being overweight so wants me to help her with dieting and working out, etc. and of course we've been friends for like just over 20yrs now so it'll be sweet nonetheless! I'm excited and a little nervous...mostly nervous for wanting this to work so much...I'll be bringing all my art supplies (paints and stuff too) so will continue trying to sell art (they have a scanner so I can do prints too!) and keep up with the 52 Weeks of Pagan Art Journaling, etc. and hopefully this will all work out for us.


  1. Good luck! I hope you get a good-paying job and can save a lot of $$$$!

  2. Wishing you the best of luck, sweetie!