Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boredom.... actual randomly written post from me for the first time since creating this blog LOL I.Am.Bored! Severely so, and not tired at all. Got some massive writers block so can't work much on my novel  Ann G.L. if you're interested in reading. I warn, it's a slightly graphic - some sexually - novel and it's part of a challenge my friend and I are doing. 60,000 words in 60 days. Sort of a less stressful version of NaNoWriMo for any familiar with it. So editing and writing isn't the best, but it's all about the word count from Feb. 21st - April 21st. Then we edit and fun stuff to polish for ourselves

Anywhoo, I've played my facebook apps, done all the writing I can do for today, don't feel like drawing, don't feel like starting a new book to read right now, so don't really know what to do. So here I am. LOL I am excited for tomorrow night though. The group I'm a part of is holding a sort of random 'meet and greet' online chat. It's a Wiccan group. The Stone Circle Very small group right now, but sooo friendly and fun to talk with. I have been helping a bit testing their new chat program cuz the four they've used previously had too many problems. They need to keep it free for right now, since it's still such a small group. The woman running it is paying $20/yr for the hosting and doesn't want to add $80 to it just for a different chat program...So lots of testing going on. We'll also be having an online New Moon Ritual on March 4th which will be a lot of fun too. I am super excited! I may also start a couple new online "schools" like Magicka School. Just waiting for one of the girls to get to me with the info and stuff.

Well, suppose some info about me would be a good idea for anyone actually reading LOL

hmmm where to begin. Suppose, I am currently living with my boyfriend in his father's house. We moved here from my home town - 7hrs away! - a little over a year ago for him to join the brick layers union his dad's president of (in back story, he had moved down from here to another city, met a girl, they moved to where I lived, we met at work, yaddayadda). Well, the first like 9 months were me trying to find a job and him basically waiting for work during a slow Summer. He's been working since roughly 9 months now on the same job, and I'm still handing out friggen resumes. I'm going crazy in this house I'll tell you. Anywhoo, we did have a we should -BETTER- have the next one on the road tomorrow....Been waiting two effing weeks for this damned garage for just a safety...*rolls eyes* Saving some money or not, I'd rather have taken it elsewhere and had it done same day...but whatever...not my car. but yea...been without any vehicle of our own for a month almost now and losing my mind since his dad's truck is kicking the bucket cuz he won't just fix the damned breaks (he knows nothing and cares less about vehicles) so he won't let anyone else drive it and we can't fit the three of us in it.
Within all this and a very drunk weekend, I basically bawled I couldn't handle it and wanted to go home...just for a visit and shit...I know financially and for his career we're better off here at least until he gets his red seal. So yea, we talked and I talked to one of my friends from back home (she lives in another city, but only an hour from my parent's, etc) and have semi-decided on me training it to Toronto (almost 4hrs away) and them picking me up and me living at their place for about a month or so...Get on assistance to help out, get my smart serve and shit, and she should be able to hook me up with a waitressing job for the month. Plus, getting to see all my friends and family and stuff on a more frequent basis and save up some money, and get some more experience in another field (I've only ever worked at a call center and a packaging plant) so hopefully when I come back, we have some extra money to start looking into moving into town, and I can apply for a lot more jobs, and will have some experience at it.
WELL, big issue now, as with everything it seems, is - of course - money. The closest train/bus stations are an hours drive away. Tickets only bout $35 max...but I have no proper luggage, will need to pick up a couple of my prescriptions to take with, and need to reactivate my cell phone and top it up (pay-as-you-go)...So...just the stuff I need is damn near $150...Which even though we had a good amount of money aside, apparently I'm told we'll be lucky to get a good stock of groceries when the cars taken care of -_- So, we'll see I suppose...Might be hitting the streets for some shit training at a call center if they're looking this time, or something to even make the money to go in the first place....which then almost defeats the purpose, cuz I'll have a job.... >.<

So, yea...that's a nutshell of my life for the last year basically...I've been down to visit once since we moved. Last Summer 'for' my birthday my friend came and picked me up and I stayed down for a week. Helped them on some moving jobs, made some money...and saw my parents for like 4hrs before we had to drive back up here...It fucking sucked. but yea...This is why I am wanting to start focusing more on my faith and the things important to me...I need some way to destress, since I'm trying desperately to quit smoking at the same time....

On a side note. I have my animals. We have two cats and then his brother's cat lives here. I have two rats, and an African Clawed frog. I want to look at getting either a gecko again or trying to find one of the really tiny tortoise breeds...but not sure if the tank set up would work in this stupid house since our bedroom barely fits us in it really....
but yea, enough venting. I shall find a nice ritual or look for my older BOS to post some fun info stuff next time.

Blessed Be

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  1. Greetings! I really do not know how i missed your wiccan blog! Thank you for pointing it out.l I am a bit technologically handicapped!Brightest blessings!