Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cleansing Rain Meditation

I have always had a difficult time with meditation but would really like to bring it back into my life. I am trying to quit smoking right now and need something healthy to de-stress and calm myself mentally day to day. Here is one exercise I copied out of my Magicka School course.

This meditation is especially useful for dealing with stress and worries. One of the biggest barriers towards magical working is anxiety, for when the brain is preoccupied it is difficult to concentrate and there is no space to raise positive energy. It is important to note that the following exercise will not make the things that you are worrying over disappear. What it will do is help you to put them into perspective and allow you the freedom to dispense with them for a period of time. What distinguishes a person who is less stressed than others isn’t the amount or quality of concerns that they have; it is how they deal with these things that counts.

This meditation can be done in various ways; it can be practiced in the shower, during light summer rain or as a visualisation in the comfort of a chair. Here I give the method for the latter, although it will be obvious how it can be adapted to the other two situations. Remember, Water represents negative, passive energy and is seen as having feminine qualities.

Light a candle in your meditation space. Use sandalwood or jasmine to perfume the air if you wish. Find a comfortable place to sit (lying down is not an option). Breathe in for nine, hold for seven and breathe out for nine. Repeat this cycle for a few minutes.

When you are ready, imagine that a light warm shower of rain is rhythmically pouring down upon your head and shoulders. Think of the things that have been bothering you. As you do so see the worries pour from your mind, down with the water and through your arms and legs, until eventually they seep through your hands and feet into the ground. Don’t be tempted to try to force them out. Don’t wish anyone or anything bad will -this is very important as it can have effects that can greatly complicate your life. As your worries flow with the rain, say “I release you and allow you to pass harmlessly into infinity.” Notice that it is you that is allowing the releasing into infinity and no-one else. It is you that has the control over the release process.

By releasing your worries and your fears you are beginning to let go of the hold that you have allowed for them to have over you. Some of you may be resistant to this notion at first. That is OK, such a reaction is normal. You will find, though, that it is very empowering to realise that you are part of your problem. By changing your behaviour, you will change your relationship to the source of your stress, and this in turn will then subtly change the dynamic of a situation in your favour.

As you feel the tension subside, see rays of sunshine appear through the clouds. Imagine a rainbow of shimmering light form in the sky. Know that this is a positive sign.

When you feel that you have given enough time to the outpouring of your anxieties become aware of your breathing again. Breathe in for nine, hold for seven and breathe out for nine. Repeat this pattern for a few minutes.

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