Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Building a Mini Altar

Well, I finally have the bigger bedroom and it's all organized. My only thoughts are on how to set up the table I'm going to use as my altar. It's small...Like probably 1.5ft across squared type a deal...and it has to be moved before using it, so no fancy set ups to stay at all times. I do have a large area set up on the one half of my dresser though that can stay permanently, so am thinking of just covering the table with this black fabric I found, then adding in smaller candles and things that won't fall over as easy, and bringing in items I may need as I get things ready.

How do you all deal with small altars and/or having to move them? I miss my big painted desk I use to have LOL


  1. i have a wee altar in a bag which goes with me when im away from home... a small square of fabric a candle a feather a shell and a crystal and something from home for the centre..... then if i find anything else while im ther i just add to it and it all packs away into a small bag perfect for a quick altar :) its always packed ready to go too

  2. I think small altars are great because I change those up all the time. My big altar gets cleaned once a month and changes when I feel the need but my small altar is perfect for seasons or workings when I am doing my magick. I really think that you have great potential with small altars. Have fun with it and dont be afraid to try many different things!
    Blessed be!

  3. I can relate. I used to have one set up in the guest room, which meant, whenever guests came, I had to take it out of the room. I hated that. So when we moved I made a proclamation that the house needed to have a room of my own. Now I have a very small bedroom with my desk and a built in altar - a kind of a build in low shelf in the room. I think it's more important that the altar remain set up than having a big altar, so if you have the choice, I would try to create the altar on your dresser, but perhaps make it simpler for everyday, using the table for special days and rituals??

  4. I've always had limited space and even had to "hide away" my altar and "interests". I use (currently) the top of a very small chest-style dresser. It doesn't have to be a huge display. A simple gold and silver candle to represent the God and Goddess is sufficient, with other small items included as needed. The "altar" is just a focal point (IMO) and can be something very small and portable, or an elaborate permanent display...but the meat of the matter really comes from within - the feeling you get from precious items, the connection and communion with Gods (if any), the act of "using" the sacred space...

    Brightest Blessings...I hope to post a few pics soon of my "re-built" altar and Witchy crafts