Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Faerie Day

Technically I'm like 10 minutes late, but it's been a long and busy day unfortunately. I'm noticing rituals and things are always agreed upon but never actually carried out with my roommate...Kind of annoying, so I think once (if I do) move into the bigger bedroom, I'm just going to find something for an altar and do my own just without the incense because of the furballs.

Today I so wanted to do something big for my Faerie Friends...but unfortunately (although I am enjoying myself) I'm staying the weekend at my parent's so do't have anything much and what I do have for my tools and such is packed up...So, a little blog post to show my love for the Fae.


  1. They might be happy with some sugar water and a few colorful things. And dance a bit for them, they always love that.

    Good to read you back!

  2. You're not late -- you're just on "faery time!"

  3. I find the intent is almost enough to appease any bright spirit. And roommates are hard to count on. I tried that for a while but eventually set up my altar and got going on my own. It made my path so much easier! Good luck and blessed be!