Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For the Love of Poi

Beltane was celebrated a bit early for us. We went to some Pagan friends for a Passion Party (spent way too much!) and then they did their first Fire Poi of the season for us. Got some wicked pics of it.

After they were done we played with their LED Poi and I absolutely ADORE it and want my own set! So much fun!


  1. It's easy to overspend at a Passion Party (or Fuckerware Party, as they're also called, LOL) because those little toys and goodies are NOT cheap! Sounds like you had a wonderful Beltane!

  2. What fabulous pictures! How fun.

  3. I just learned something: I had no idea Erotic Parties or Naughty Parties (as I call them) were call Passion Party or Fuckerware Party, which is hilariously appropriate. What an awesome way to celebrate Beltane!